Welcome to the 5th Annual Pups 'N Pints 5k! This year's 5k will again be all virtual and you'll have about a week to complete it. No need to get up at the crack of dawn and decide how many layers to bring. Run, walk, strut, or push that stroller anywhere you please and at any time that works for you! Get your friends and family to sign up and go as a group - don't forget Fido! Be healthy and be a hero to these animals in need!

While there won't be prizes for the top finishers, we will be awarding an amazing prize to the runner that brings in the most donations! After you register, sign in to your account and create a personalized fundraising page to share with all of your supporters to help make this event as successful as possible.

This year we're having a kickoff party at Dogfish Head Alehouse on Sunday, Oct. 24th from 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM. There will be live music, raffles, and of course good food and beer! Dogfish is also generously donating 10% of all proceeds all day!

Through your support, the rescue animals of HART can rest easier knowing you're there to help make a difference in their lives. This event might be virtual, but there are so many real dogs and cats out there that need our help.


Pups 'N Pints Day of Giving

During the Pups 'N Pints Day of Giving contest, the participants that raise the most in total donations through their personalized fundraising pages on Tuesday, Oct. 27th will win an Amazon Gift Card. The top prize is $50, while second and third place are $25 each. So make sure you've registered for the 5k and set up your fundraising page, then shared your fundraising URL and help raise even more money! Your support means so much to the animals of HART and ensures that they get healthy food, medical attention, and all the love they deserve while waiting for their wonderful, forever homes

RunnerAmount Raised
Caitlyn B.$435.00
Brian K.$200.00
Jacqueline C.$100.00
Cynthia B.$50.00

Everyone who registers will receive an awesome race t-shirt, pint glass, and sticker with 100% of all registration fees benefitting the animals of HART! Other surprises may appear too, so sign up, get off that couch, and do good to yourself and so many deserving animals!

When you register for the 5K, you will have an opportunity to become a "fundraiser" and set up a customizable page to share with your supporters. An incredible prize will be awarded to the top fundraiser. Every pledge, large or small, will make a difference.

Your support will help us to raise the vital dollars needed to save even more animals in need. This year, there are no set packages and your tax-deductible sponsorship of any amount will help HART to continue their life-saving work and bring more dogs and cats to safety.

Top Fundraisers

Sign in to your account to set up your fundraising page which you can share and collect donations!

RunnerAmount Raised
Caitlyn B.$435.00
Brian K.$200.00
Jacqueline C.$100.00
Cynthia B.$50.00

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Top Runners

See how your times stack up with other runners! Sign in to your account to add your finish times.

RunnerFinish Time
Derek H.22:06
Dena B.23:15
Steve N.28:23
David B.28:33
Elizabeth E.30:31
Joshua E.30:31
Ben T.30:57
Tammy C.31:12
Julie K.31:50
David E.32:17

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Top Fundraising Prize

The top fundraiser will receive a two-night stay at the Gayte House Bed & Breakfast in historic Harper's Ferry, West Virginia generously donated by our friend Dean.

Runners can set up their own fundraising page to share and compete for the top prize. If you want to help raise money without registering, you can still share a link to our donation page with all your friends and family!

About Pups 'N Pints

Pups 'N Pints was started in 2013 by Thom and Carolyn Jones to raise money for animal rescue to honor the memory of Marigold, whom they had adopted from HART. From 2013 to 2016, Pups 'N Pints grew from a three hour "give back" night at Dogfish Head Alehouse to an all-day party raising funds and celebrating all things animal rescue. In 2017, Pups 'N Pints grew yet again to include a 5k, now in its fifth year. Pups 'N Pints events have raised almost $100,000 for rescue.

When we adopted Marigold, we were not looking for a second dog. Something about her charmed both of us though and we brought her home to her big sister Darcy. Marigold was a spunky dog and liked to run laps around the back yard. She had the funniest habit of chasing a squirrel and upon realizing she couldn't catch it, grabbing the nearest toy (several of which were always in our yard), killing it and the looking up at the squirrel as if to say 'ok, you're next!' When she got really happy, she would bounce across the yard, just like Pepe Le Pew in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. It was adorable. When she wanted comfort she would jump up on the couch next to me and I'd put my arm around her. She liked to lay with her front paws crossed. She had the best personality and most people who met her loved her immediately. One day we took her to the vet for a routine checkup before leaving town and we were told that she had lymphoma. We tried chemo but it just wasn't working and finally we thought it would be best to send her to the Rainbow Bridge. She was only 8 years old and we thought we'd have more time. We still think of her and miss her. There will be other dogs but there will never be another dog like Marigold. We wanted a way to say goodbye and honor her memory and we couldn't think of a better way than to raise some money for the group that brought us together. Thus, Pups 'N Pints was born. It's gotten bigger each year and I like to think Marigold would be happy about that.
- Carolyn Jones

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