A huge CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all of our runners and fundraisers for making this year's Pups 'N Pints Virtual 5k a huge success! Thankfully through your support, the rescue animals of HART can rest easier knowing you're there to help make a difference in their lives.

Top Fundraisers

RunnerAmount Raised
Brian K.$1226.00
Morgan M.$450.00
Mariah P.$432.00
Sarah Q.$325.00
Caitlyn B.$320.00
Meg H.$210.00
Natalie G.$200.00
Rebecca T.$175.00
Jacqueline C.$105.00
Jackie O.$85.00
Roy G.$85.00
Anne O.$70.00
Brianna D.$50.00
Laura T.$35.00
Veronica S.$35.00
Eric B.$25.00

Top Runners

RunnerFinish Time
Tim H.19:34
David B.20:46
Linda C.21:43
Brian P.24:14
Benjamin R.25:00
Stacey N.25:00
Derek H.25:12
Elizabeth E.25:38
Halie C.25:41
Jason R.25:41
Amy A.26:14
Susan G.26:38
Tim G.26:38
Steve N.27:45
Shelby B.28:20
Mike H.30:06
Ben T.30:50
Rebecca T.30:52
Milena A.31:25
Tammy C.31:26
Brian K.31:31
Michelle O.31:47
Shelby H.32:24
Lauren O.32:30
Kimberly U.32:57
Jacqueline C.33:31
Alyson S.34:17
Michele L.34:23
Valerie K.34:45
Robin C.35:49
Debbie M.36:26
John L.37:19
Lauren P.37:20
Megan W.38:18
Eileen S.38:24
Ingrid K.39:10
Danielle I.39:38
Brianna D.42:43
Casey W.44:30
Carlos C.46:39
Sarah Q.47:15
Emily B.49:36
Jason B.49:36
Mary B.54:56
Matthew Z.69:12
Cindy M.76:00
Mariah P.86:03

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