This year has continued to be strange, but incredibly busy and so far a ton of animals have found their happy endings through HART in 2022. However, there are so many more out there whose stories are still being written. YOU could be a HERO to those dogs and cats and make a difference in their lives. Capes not required, but absolutely encouraged.

Your contribution of any size will help HART rescue so many more wonderful animals and make countless happy families. Below are two recent situations where HART was able to step in to rescue and make it all better. Your support will only make more heartwarming stories possible.

Cocoa & Bean

One tiny box. No food. No water. Just two starving helpless kittens abandoned with an insane number of fleas.

What makes this even sadder is the fact that this leaving animals in a box happens a lot and unfortunately is a "thing." Just a week before rescuing these precious kittens, HART saved the lives of two other kittens that were also abandoned in a box. Again with no food and tons of fleas.

As always, HART jumped to action to help these sweet, innocent lives. All were immediately seen by a vet, given flea baths and deworming medication.

Incredible foster families jumped into action to care for these babies and show them what it means to be safe and loved. They have since thrived beautifully and found the most wonderful adoptive families.


Maybe you heard about Tabby, a beautiful Shepherd mix that lived most of her life chained to a tree. She survived animal attacks, human neglect and the outside elements for a number of years before her "owner" decided he was done with her and asked a neighbor to take her to be euthanized, because clearly that was beneath him.

When the neighbor showed up at the shelter with Tabby, the staff took one look at that beautiful face and realized she was something special and that there was no way her life was going to end because of some jerk. They started treatments for her wounds and injuries and saw those begin to heal along with her heart. The shelter then reached out to HART who could not resist such a strong, resilient, and stunning creature.

She went into foster care and showed her foster family that she was okay with putting the past behind her and looking forward to a brighter future. She was a little shy with things, but very curious and ready to explore as everything was new to her. She gained so many fans while at HART, due to her incredible sweetness and just goes to show how amazing these animals really can be. They can go through Hell and back and still be the most gentle and loving creatures ever. They can forgive.

Tabby found an AMAZING family and is now BFFs with a sensational little girl who dotes on her and loves her more than anything in the world. Of course the feeling is mutual.

Help us help them

Your donations will be able to help more amazing animals like Cocoa, Bean, and Tabby. While we never want to hear these types of stories again, knowing we have your support, will help us keep fighting to save as many lives as we can. Thank you so much!

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